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Find out fast! Real-time Custom Research on any U.S. Business. Quick 48-Hour Turnaround or Express Same-Day Turnaround. 

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Business Information Research Reports


Direct Market Net offers business information research solutions tailored to your industry, to your products, and to your business philosophy.


For real-time custom business research reports with information about companies in the USA, please send us your Research Quote Request. For any other country please inquire.


You decide how fast you need the report and we supply it within the time frame you choose.


Regular turn-around – 4-5 business days

Quick turn-around – 48 hours

Express turn-around – same day if order placed by 10:00 AM Eastern Time


Save time and money by using our services for any business research you may need. Just send us your Research Quote Request.



All reports are freshly researched and delivered within the time frame you request.

Private companies are not required to disclose financial information. 

The reports will contain as much information as can be obtained within the chosen time frame.

Not every company cooperates in providing certain information.

The reports contain information from various sources we deem reliable.

We never give out your identity unless you order us to disclose it to the company we research.

The finished product will be sent to you by E-mail unless ordered differently.