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Direct Market Net offers a variety of B2C Mailing, Telemarketing, and E-mail Lists:


Consumers by Geography, Gender, Age, Income, Presence of Children, Wealth, Interests, Ethnicity, Language Preference, etc


Homeowners by Geography, Home Value, Mortgage Loan to Value, Date of Loan, etc.


Parents of Students K-12, by Geography, Class Year, Income, etc.


College Students by Class Year, Major, Geography, etc


Health Conditions and Over-the-Counter / Prescription Drugs (Self reported).


Life Style Interests (Self reported), such as Gardening, Cooking, Outdoors, Fitness, Reading, etc


Travelers, by Geography, Gender, Age, Income, Business / Leisure, etc


Occupations – Nurses, Teachers, Clerical, Blue Collar, Military, etc


Professionals by Specialty, Gender, Country, Investment Interest, Income, etc.


International – Executives, Investors, Consumers, etc



You can find detailed information about some of our lists by clicking on the appropriate links on the navigation bar. Please do not hesitate to send us your List Count and Quote Request with your criteria, and we will promptly submit an offer to you.